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  • February Mood Board

    Busy 2 days ahead so putting this up a bit early. Are ya ready for another MOOD BOARD????? Good! But this is a little different----just a bit.
    I have chosen some elements from some of my favorite kits. You must use that item (or one like it) in your layout. For example; I have a button. You cannot say that you have used the color from the button, you must use an actual button (any button) in your layout. To help, I am adding this list:
    1. coffee cup: Must show a coffee cup or mug in your layout---- your favorite cup; someone drinking coffee. You can even use a favorite photo and there is a coffee cup sitting on the table in the background.
    2. Vintage photo: must use a vintage photo in your layout
    3. Bicycle: I must see a bicycle somewhere in your layout.
    4. 5 and 6: pretty generic; a butterfly, button, ribbon: need to see ANY butterfly, button or ribbon in your layout
    7. Moon: Must see a moon in your layout, either as an element or in your photo.
    8. Door: Must see a door somewhere
    9. A paint splat: ANY paint splat or splatter, as long as it is paint. Can be an element or how about some spilled paint on the floor???
    10. A time piece; any timepiece, on your wall, a wristwatch, an element or in your photo. As long as it tells time.
    11, 12, 13: again, very generic: ANY flower, ANY swirl, A Clip or anything that holds your photo or whatever you want to hold. It can be stitches, a staple etc
    14. A camera; Any camera; either an element or somewhere in your photo.

    Some items are very specific (camera, clock, bike etc) Some are very general (flowers, ribbon, ink splat, swirl)

    Clear as mud; right??????? I am going to be very lax on this so just have fun:
    Here are the rules:
    1. Choose three ITEMS from the mood board.
    2. Use those items in your layout.
    3. Link your layout back here and list the three items you have used.
    4. JUST HAVE FUN ---I am NOT going to be picky!!!!

    Here is my layout
    There is a door (#8) in my photo
    I also used flowers, a ribbon and two "holders": (# 11, 6 and 13) a clip at the top holding the torn paper and a piece of tape
    holding my photo..

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    This look great! Thank you for hosting Nancy.


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      super twist this month ... love it NancyP


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        I am so lucky to have all you guys who just jump in and host challenges and convey offers of help etc. I think the our little site is moving along quite nicely now and it's all thanks to you, our lovely members!!



        • Evelyn
          Evelyn commented
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          lol ... patting you on the back cuz you don't take any credit ....

        • KimR.
          KimR. commented
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          Just Art rocks, Robyn! You've created a wonderful place for us!

        • RoseC
          RoseC commented
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          You are the Captain with a dedicated crew to help steer the ship. Thanks to all of you ladies for the time and work invested.

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        Paint Splat - Clock - Camera (9-10-14)

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        • Evelyn
          Evelyn commented
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          went ... found it ... pinned it ...

        • cats4jan
          cats4jan commented
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          The snipping tool is great. I discovered it ages ago and I used it all the time.
          On the Mac, Shift/Command/4 makes a selection of your screen and puts it on your desktop as a screenshot.
          If you use Shift/Command/3, it copies the whole screen.
          I am so glad I didn't have to give up 'snipping' when I switched to my Mac.
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        • NancyP
          NancyP commented
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          OK girlfriend! I don't know how I missed posting a comment here, but I did. Caught you in the gallery, but not here. Please don't hit me with a wet noodle!!! I love your use of the maps in this great layout!!! (and, yes, I am partial to Germany! )

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        Nancy, thank you for the fun Mood Board challenge for February.

        My Just Art Gallery


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          Love this Challenge- Nancy- thank you so much!


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            Dang, Nancy, how can you be posting another challenge already? I started the one for January but haven't finished it yet. But I WILL!

            Great new challenge this month, I need to do it first so time doesn't get away from me.


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              What a great mood board and challenge!! Sure will be joining!! Thank you very much Nancy!!
              Also, Robyn we are all here together for such a great site made by you.. It's such homely feeling!! So lots of thanks to you..


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                OH this looks like one I can do.....thanks for the prompts Nancy , I will be back


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                  Sounds interesting. Back later with a layout.


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                    This is my page...I used also a door, flowers and ribbon (6, 8, 11)


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                      super're going to keep me very busy this month


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                        Thank you for the challenge Nancy. Three Items Chosen = Butterfly, Flower, Camera



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                          Ohhh, Heidi!! I want that door on my house!!! LOVE the close up with the flowers in the holes. What a great layout!!

                          Diane, that photo is just blowing my heart away!! How precious is that!!! Love your clusters and the overall sweetness of this layout.