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  • Gallery Guidelines

    You may use products from any designer (retired or not) and from any store. You may include the name of the kit, designer and store.......... but OUTSIDE LINKS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

    There is a limit of 3 UPLOADS PER DAY.

    Maximum upload is 600 px x 600 px and a file size of no more than 250 kb.

    Please be aware the gallery is for the use of ACTIVE FORUM MEMBERS ONLY.
    An active forum member is defined as a member who participates in forum discussions and/or takes part in challenges on a monthly basis.

    CT layouts are prohibited UNLESS you are an active forum member.

    Uploads that do not meet these requirements WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT NOTICE!!

    After uploading a page, it is a requirement that you comment on a least TWO other pages in the gallery for every ONE page that you upload.

    Please try and leave a MEANINGFUL COMMENT rather than a generic one or two word comment such as 'great page'. Helpful, positive feedback means a great deal to the creator. THANK YOU.

    NEW MEMBERS are encouraged to upload to the gallery at the beginning of their membership here, but would be required to become active in the forum within a couple of weeks of join date.


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    Love the open criteria. Now we can all really dig into our scrapbooking stash, and I know all of us have a ton of unused items.
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      Love that the gallery is an open one for ACTIVE MEMBERS. So many beautiful layouts made with lots of different kits from all over the digi-world. This is a wonderful opportunity to share those layouts made with freebies, blog hops, etc. I am inspired by seeing what others have done and techniques I may want to incorporate into my own pages.


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        I'm with you Kay. I am thankful for a place where I can use all my kits.


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          I think it's only fair that the gallery be for those who are active in the forum. I love being able to use my stash and appreciate you, Robyn, for creating a place for us hang out and share our pages! It's motivated me to scrap again.


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            Yes, the open gallery is only for the use by active forum members. I have a huge stash of scrapbooking stuff and lots of unused items and it's wonderful that we can use any designer's items that we want to use.

            My Just Art Gallery


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              I see so many guests on-line here checking things out ... I hope some of them are encourage to join us ... lots of talent and lots of help when we ask, not to mention instructions on techniques, which I love!


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                Well Hello there, i see a number of familiar faces here! Great news about the open forum and links wahooo thanks Robyn!


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                  .........and it's great to see you here Kaye!!


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                    I am looking forward to creating layouts for challenges and not have to make sure I am using a kit that is available in that site's store.

                    My Gallery HERE at Just Art
                    My Blogs: A-M Designs; A-Ms Scripture Challenges A-Ms Digital Scrapbooking


                    • Robyn
                      Robyn commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Hi Anne-Marie and WELCOME to our site.

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                    So good to see you here A-M !


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                      Really love that I can use any of the products that I own! Thanks!


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                        That is totally awesome! I'm happy with that!


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                          looking forward to using some of my stash here.....


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                            I'm not in any way on a creative team, (due to hormonal issues, which I have ups & downs of which conflict with my creative desires), I however desire to keep some of my best work from way back when, so I can keep it as an encouragement to my present work!! I'm probably more active with posts, then comments in the gallery, though I do try & will make comments in the gallery more of a priority.
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