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Creating a Vignette - Using a Shape

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    Great tip Ona! I'm definitely going to have to try this out!


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      Okay, here are some revised steps for cinnabar6 who PM'd me with the following message:

      "I have been looking for months on the internet trying to find information on how to make a vignette using a custom shape in Photoshop and finally found your article. I was using an "action" that was built for Elements and now that I am in Photoshop, I am kind of at a loss and need to learn how to do it without the action. I have a shape and need to know where to go from there. My question is, when you go to "Rasterize" on instruction #5, there are a few choices that drop down. There is "Shape," "Fill Content," "Layer," "All Layers." Can you tell me which to pick? Thank you for your help. I may have more questions if that is ok."

      I went through this tut with another layout, below you will see the original and the after. I like the darker highlights around the edge of the page on the After image.

      In Photoshop you use Rasterize instead of Simplified and you click the Shape option:

      Instead of using Refine Edges you can use the Modify options and then select Feather and I bumped mine up to 25 pixels which took out all the sharp edges as can be seen in the last image below:

      and then carry on with the tutorial in the first post.

      Hope that answers your question cinnabar6 and let me know if you have any other questions.


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        Ona, you are a special person ... still helping out on this tut


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          Oh thank you Evelyn, you are too sweet! xx Time is my worst enemy but when I do have some extra minutes I don't mind helping other people.

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        Ona you rock!!! Thank You...I haven't a castle but I'll find something to zap and upload.


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          Great tutorial thank you. I use a different programme but will play around and try and replicate!