04-template challenge

04-template challenge

my photos and my kit, The Desert

Canyon de Chelly is a park in northeastern Arizona within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation. It contains cliff dwellings, petroglyphs, rock formations, steep canyon walls and stunning scenery. The Navajo first entered the canyon around 400 years ago, and there are still approximately 40 Navajo families living in the canyon today during the growing season. They move to dwellings on the rim for the winter. Travel in the Canyon is only permitted with a park ranger or a Navajo guide and photographs of the Navajo people, their dwellings or their livestock are not permitted.
Phyllis, love the beautiful photos and clusters and the interesting description and page! Thank you for typing the description in the credits.
:-61this is absolutely outstanding, love the photos and I adore the description and the elegance of the page, what a gorgeous way to use the template, thanks so much for joining the challenge.xxx
This is gorgeous I love the how you used the template with the wonderful photos and description about the Navajo People.xxx

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