12. April Photography Challenge, Week 3

12. April Photography Challenge, Week 3

Just a few of the flower photos I took yesterday at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. The colors were amazing!
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Oh wow they are amazing beautiful colours Kim it must have been wonderful seeing all these beauties..:-62
Wow, they ARE gorgeous Kim! It is so nice to see that some people are enjoying flowers now........we are expecting a dusting of snow tonight! Great collage and thanks for the promise of Spring! xo
Superb photos and colors Kim! Yes lucky you are to have seen all these beautiful flowers!
They look fantastic. Thank you so much for putting a little spring in to our lives..
Wonderful photos, Kim. That looks like a place I would love to visit.
You're relatively close. Go in the spring, it won't disappoint you! You can follow their Facebook or website to see when peak bloom is.

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