2024 Feburary Random word

2024 Feburary Random word

Katie Pertiet - Layer works 1047
Danas Footprint Digital Design - Beach Dazy
Photos by me
That's a great page for capture. I like the way you made the photos look you've grabbed them out of the photo album and stapled them onto the page. And I really like all the paper and cards and all sorts of thing under, on and around the photos. Big eyed fish don't get caught.
Jody,love the photo's, that's a lot of bait catch,I bet they had a great fishing trip..xx
Great layout Jody, love that the photos look like real photos and wonderful example of capture. All the layers under the photos look great too. Thank you for joining the Random Word Challenge!!
Jody, this is a through and through gorgeous page. I am
in awe about all the Art work you´ve invested in it. There
is so much to see.
Stunning page, Jody! I love your family photo pages they are so special with all the elements and layering. I think it is quite more difficult to match everything when you use your photos. Congratulations on the GSO!
Jody, congrats on the GSO for your fabulous page! Agree with all the wonderful comments by Glyn, Mary, Lindsay, Helga and Moni.

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