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  • May P.S. Step Five.
    This is another stand out page. The colours are gorgeous and, you made such a good choice for your frames and photos. I love the china cup of tea. Thanks for joining me in the challenge, and congratulations on the GSO.
    Thank you so much Glyn, I was not expecting this, I...
  • SherryD_TicTacToew.jpg
    :-61 this is amazing Sherry, love the vintage images on your stunning page, congratulations on GSO and being chosen for the members choice page, well
  • Progressive Scrap - Final
    Gorgeous final page Esther, congrats on well deserved GSO and page of the
  • Just Singing and Dancing in the Rain
    beuatiful layout I love the photo's
  • May_ProgressiveStep_5_JustArt_MarnySensation_20220516.jpg
    This page has intrigued me from from the start. It is so quirky. I wondered what you were going to do after you put the flowers in the photo frames, but what you did was genius. It all came together beautifully. Thanks for joining the challenge, I wouldn't have wanted to miss this page for...
  • beautiful dream
    I always love your collages, so whimsical!
  • P52 Week 20 – Self Portrait
    Don't cry please.
    No nead !!!!
    You are lovely !!!!!!!!
    Happy we make your day !!!! LOL !!!!
  • Wishing
    I agree with Karen (above). It's a breathtaking page - quite superb! 💜💜💜
  • Progressive 5.jpg
    Thank you ladies.
    Micheline, this page is divine, I adore the composition and the colors and the effects and every single detail, congrats on GSO!!!!
  • May Mood Board Challenge-Symphony
    What an amazing, gorgeous page my friend!
  • May Progressive Scrap Final Step.jpg
    Moni, this is gorgeous!
  • May Progressive Scrap Final
    :-61 Grace, this is outstanding, of course, you choose your favorite color, violet, or lavender, this page is absolutely gorgeous, love the purple, the composition, the clustering, the girl, the stunning shadows, and word-art, going straight to GSO, congratulations my friend!
  • May 22 final progerssive
    This is so artsy, beautiful, and original, I adore this page! Congrats on GSO!
  • Dancing like a Faerie
    :-61 :-61Norma, what else can I say?
  • Wishing
    OMG, Norma, this page is breathtaking, I adore the colors, the blending with the mask, the stunning clusters with the fairy, this page is absolute WOW in every sense, so so gorgeous, going straight to GSO, congratulations my friend!
  • minikit-mei.jpg
    Ria, this page is superb my friend!
  • progressive final..jpg
    OMG, Ria, this page is stunning, in every single detail, congratulations on such a well-deserved GSO!!!
  • May P.S. Step Five.
    This is so beautiful Mary, love the colors and everything about this page, congrats on such a well-deserved GSO!
  • ID_TheStoryOfSeasons_01 kopiëren.jpg
    :-61 Martina, this is absolutely

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