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    Congratulations Micheline. @Kakleidesigns has chosen your page as her Member's Choice Page for March 27th.
  • magic-spring-green-600.jpg
    Very beautiful green page! Love the beautiful masked and framed photo, and the watercolor transfer.
  • No matter what...
    Gorgeous scene you created here Norma! Eat cake under the rain, no problem!
  • Just a little Cracked
    Gorgeous scene Cheryl! Love it!
  • ABC Fandango Kit Letter: P
    Debbie, love the beautiful photo, the clustering, layout and good take on scraplift.
    Congratulations on GSO!
  • ABC Fandango Kit Letter: P
    Gorgeous page Debbie! Love the beautiful composition you created with the superb kits by Anita!
  • P52 Week 13 Man Made 03.23.jpg
    Fantastic page Marie-Christine! Love the photo, the stamps and the interesting journaling.
    Congratulations on GSO!
  • shape-up.jpg
    Fabulous and unique page Ev! Love the beautiful colors, shapes and words.
    Fantastic page Ange!
  • P52 Week 13 - Man Made
    Fabulous page Mary! Love the photos and the interesting journaling!
    Micheline, I love your wonderful art painting of the lady with the gorgeous hair deco and bird plus the fab title
    and alpha. So well done ! :-62
  • Charisma
    Fantastic page & making, Norma ! Love the gorgeous,
    small cluster, framing (on stripes) and model photos,
    the face blending and quote. :-62
  • P52 Week 13 - Man Made
    It is truly a unique place and so far away from it all.
    Mary, you´ve created a great page about the island
    with interesting journaling.
  • shape-up.jpg
    Fabulous comparism with a human brain, Eve.
    At least this is how understand it ...... :unsure:
  • March Mix and Match Challenge
    Beautiful, Glyn - Love heritage pages and the search
    for unknown family members.
  • P52 - Week 13 - Man Made
    Wow, what an amazing page you created, Glyn. Love
    the triple placement of the bridge photo and small ones
    belonging to it, the sign post, the memorablia, union
    jack blending & fab journaling.
    Enough talking - Off for your GSO ! :-62
  • P52 Week 13 - Man Made
    Congratulations on your well deserved GSO, Jody ! I love
    the photo of the glassart from Murano. Making glassart
    fascinates me and if I´d make it to Venice I´d visit this
    place for sure.
    Gorgeous, matching clusters and journaling ! :-k
  • The Spirit of the Past
    I love the story you created with the amazing scene you created Helga....Congrats on
    Wow, thanks so much, Mary - Now, I am really happy ! :-c
  • P52 Week 13 Man Made
    Very cool ! Grace, congratulations on your well-deserved Page of the Day. :-1
  • Egg Hunt
    Fabulous page Norma! Love the photos, clustering and design

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