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  • at the beach
    How interesting. the walkway leads your eye up and away doesn't it. Great layout.
  • The Sea
    Lovely. your blending is really great.
  • Be-A-Dragon: Magic Challenge
    This made me smile. sometimes I think I am just teetering on the dragon side. Great layout.
  • V-is-for-Visit.jpg
    Yep, we are almost forgetting about visiting. Lucky for us in Australia we can now visit. Great layout.
  • P52 Week 22: V
    As I just said to Ursula, one of my favourite places in the world. I love Venice and this layout is really beautiful.
  • P52, week 22: V - Venice
    One of my favourite places in the world. Love Venice and absolutely love what you did here.. Its really lovely.
  • ATC-2020-088-V.jpg
    How innovative. A great layout. A great idea to use the map.
  • P52 Week 22: V.jpg
    What an interesting layout. Of course I am curious as to what you are keeping out.. Like the tones in this layout.
  • Scottish Highlands.jpg
    Lovely. Looks like a Scottish day under that umbrella.
  • karen-p52-V-Vinyl.jpg
    Thanks so much, Mary, I will always remember the records, is part of my childhood and I don't think that we value the music as we used to anymore...
  • karen-p52-V-Vinyl.jpg
    What a wonderful retro image, Karen. I also remember vinyl very well. My record collection and record player may be gathering dust, but they can...
  • Summer
    Gorgeous page and photo treatment
  • kakleid-maytemplate
    Stunning use of the template, awesome work !!!
  • at the lake
    What a great page, love the fishing image and the quote is so true.
  • Sweet Pea
    Gorgeous page!!
  • Get Well Soon
    Wonderful get well card, love the gardening theme
  • ocean lover
    Lovely page!!
  • a sandy life
    Very creative and unique page, love the background.
    Gorgeous page and congrats on GSO
    Stunning, love the colors and all of the details on your page

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