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  • Heidi Getting Candy
    Thank you so much Rosie! I love my Heidi and she can go anywhere she wants! :-62 :-62 :-62
  • P52 Week 43 - Q - Queen
    Awww Migueline! You have made a cloudy and dreary day here full of smiles and sunshine! Definitely brightened me up! Thank you sooo much for the...
  • Me and the snowman
    Poppy, this is sooo quaint and old fashioned looking. It looks like it could show here today, but it won't. Too warm. You make me miss snow and...
  • Heidi Getting Candy
    Thank you Poppy. I have never seen her in that dish before, but she was up there because Danny and his mom were here. That cracked me up! I...
  • P52 Week 42 P for Pelican
    Wendy, I love your pelican! He is soo cute and is your page and word art! Adorable! :-62 :-62 :-62
  • October Font Filled Challenge
    Anita, this is a stunning page! I love the brushed witch, the background and your filled letters. I would have given you a GSO as well...
  • Wizard White Space.jpg
    Thank you for the comments. This is one of my favourite kits anð reminds me of the wizards in the Terry Pratchett books 😃
  • The Witching Hour...
    Fantastic page Anita! She's got the power! Love the photo, the wolves, the texture and the texture! super work!
  • October Font Filled Challenge
    Thank you so much Micheline ♥♥
  • Heidi Getting Candy
    Fabulous photos and page DeLoris! Beautiful clusters and journaling.
  • 2-halves.jpg
    I was thinking - face your demons!
  • 2-halves.jpg
    Fabulous 2 halves page Evelyn! Smashing page in the gallery with the colors and this big bloody face! I don't know really what you would express...
  • Wizard White Space.jpg
    Fabulous image and gorgeous white space layout xxxxx
  • friendship-at-JustArt.jpg
    Really beautiful design and colours. Gorgeous page xxx
  • 2 halves October challenge
    Gorgeous pictures and beautiful layout. Congratulations on GSO xxxxx
  • Reflection-of-life-.jpg
    Fabulous picture and white space layout xxxxx
  • Reflection-of-life-.jpg
    I love vintage flappers. I love the clothing of that era.
  • Clean and Simple.jpg
    awesome dogs, Lindsay and a great clean & simple creation - congrats on the GSO
  • Clean and Simple.jpg
    Gorgeous picture and beautiful white space layout xxxxx
  • Heidi Getting Candy
    Absolutely gorgeous photos and beautiful layout xxx

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