Headdress Challenge

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  • April Progressive scrap
    Splendid blue papers for the step one ! :-f
  • ps-4.2024.jpg
    Sweet floral papers for the step 1 ! :-f
  • JA_PS_2404_1.jpg
    Surprising papers for step one ! :-f
  • SherryD_P1.jpg
    Love the colours and shapes on your papers for step one.xx
  • ws_MarchGirls_pre.jpg
    Sherry,Thank you for sharing your beautiful kit...I hope your feeling better. Xx
  • 2404 step1
    Love the gorgeous pastel colours on your papers for step one.xx
  • How I Roll
    Made me smile with the man enjoying his Sushi, love the photo with the fun word art.xx
  • April Progressive Scrap - Step 1
    Beautiful papers for step one.xx
    Love the colours on your papers for step one.xx
  • April Step 1.jpg
    Karen,those colours and patterns on your step one are delightful.xx
  • Metamorphosis
    Stunning page Karen with the beautiful image,the superb blending, the silhouette, the artsy bits, the script and the word strips.xx
  • MysteryScraps_SimplySpring_01d.jpg
    The colours really pop with the cute boy,the blending, the gorgeous clusters, the framed photo and the word art.xx
  • MysteryScraps_SimplySpring_02.jpg
    Stunning page with the cute girl,the gorgeous clusters, the butterflies, the papers, the colours and the word art.xx
  • my April 2024-Jennifer Nettles-Beautiful Song.jpg
    Love the beautiful photo of Jennifer Nettles with the wonderful lyrics to the song.xx
  • April 2024- Let's...enjoy Spring time.jpg
    Love the beautiful photo with the Cherry Blossoms, the script,the papers, the colours and the finished sentence.Thank you for taking part in the challenge.xx
  • Eclipse
    Love the black and white photo with the women looking at the Eclipse,love the sunray,the explosion of colors and the word art.xx
  • Simply Spring
    Gorgeous page Karen with the beautiful blended woman reading her book in the stunning meadow of yellow flowers with the wonderful quote.xx
    You sold me this kit.xx
  • April Big Photo
    Barbara, the mermaid is so cute in her garden with her friends.xx
  • April Progressive scrap
    Truus,love the colours and patterns on your papers for step one.xx
  • April_ATC_JustArt_MarnySensation_20240415.jpg
    Gorgeous ATC with cute kitties, the artsy bits, the cool piglet, the clusters and the word art.xx

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