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    Gorgeous page Bubby (y) Love how you created the page with the beautiful Gerbera's, frame and journaling.

    Thank you for taking part in the Big Photo Challenge.xxx
  • Plus One.jpg
    Gorgeous page, love the photos with the clusters, the chevrons,the colours and the finished sentence.Thank you for taking part in the challenge.xxx
    Thank you for your kind words and for hosting the challenge it's lots of fun.
    Love the wonderful and beautiful scene and happiness words on your gorgeous page!
    Congrats on the GSO! Love the beautiful colors, images, artsy bits and poem on your gorgeous page!
  • Creative Soul
    Karen, love the beautiful photos, clusters, artsy bits, paints and word art on your gorgeous page!
  • Sexy queen
    Karen, love the gorgeous and artsy page and quote!
  • Falling...
    Karen, love the beautiful extracted girl and effects and the amazing headdress, clusters, overlays and word art on your gorgeous page!
  • September 22 Music Challenge.jpg
    Stunning page Wendy, love the photo and the strawberries, so smart and lovely, congrats on GSO, I love this page!
  • Your Majesty
    Karen, thank you for the GSO! I'm very happy and love the gorgeous Your Majesty Bundle by you.
    This page is absolutely gorgeous, I love the composition, the owl, the cat, and the balloons in a magnificent cluster at the center, love the word art, love the journal, the artsy bits, everything is so spot on, going straight to GSO, congratulations! .xxx
  • Bustard Bay QLD.jpg
    Debra, this page is breathtaking, absolutely gorgeous. xxx
  • Your Majesty
    Congratulations my friend on so well-deserved POTD with your gorgeous, breathtaking page.xxx
  • Your Majesty
    This is absolutely stunning, what a gorgeous page, love your magnificent blending, the artsy bits in the background, and the lovely and unique clustering scattered beneath the princess is gorgeous, this is going straight to GSO, congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing...
  • Autumn Spice
    This is stunning and so adorable, I love how you used so many characters on one page, thanks so much for sharing your work with my kit my friend. xxx
  • Friday Freebie - Rosie 15
    Thank you for the gorgeous Under the Sea kit!
  • Bustard Bay QLD.jpg
    Debra, congrats on the Member's Choice by Mary for your gorgeous page!
  • Your Majesty
    Wilma, congrats on Page of the Day for your gorgeous page!
  • Spring.jpg
    Lindsay, love the gorgeous cherry blossom photos, borders, word art and the wonderful journaling and page!
  • siggy-fall.jpg
    Ev, love your beautiful fall siggy!
  • Your Majesty
    Wilma, beautiful stacked photo, clusters and script on your gorgeous page!

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