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  • door 11.jpg
    Really beautiful. Love the photo treatment and the clusters blended in and I love the torn edges. Just love it all really.
  • April Anita Doodle challenge
    WOW, such a beautiful page Micheline! So soft and pretty!! :-i
  • You Make Me Smile
    You found the cutest photo for your beautiful page ! :love: (y) - Congratulations on the GSO, Grace !
  • Bingo Challenge.jpg
    What a cool layout. Love all the coloured wellies and the rain drops. Great masking and title work too.
  • Captured.jpg
    So amazing, with the stacked papers and beautiful portrait - Congratulations on the GSO, Rosie ! :love: :-k
  • Easter Egg Challenge
    Super beautiful, Janet - So gorgeous Easter decoration ! :-62 (y)
  • Smile Challenge.jpg
    Congratulations also on FP today ! :love: :-k
  • Eggs.jpg
    Congratulations on your FFPI ! :love: (y)
  • Happy Easter - Egg
    Congratulations on your FFPI too ! :love: (y)
  • Easter Egg Challenge.jpg
    Beautiful Easter page - Congratulations on your FFPI, Anna ! :love: (y)
  • April Easter Egg Challenge
    Congratulations on the GSO and your FFPI ! :-62 :-k
  • April Mood Board Challenge
    My kitty will be glad to know that! Thank you soo much! I loved this challenge! :-l :-l :-l
  • You Make Me Smile
    Oh WOW! This page just pops with smiles and happiness! Wonderful job and congratulations on GSO!!! :-l :-l :-l
  • Believe In Yourself - April Mask
    WOW! Grace, this is sooo pretty! :-62 :-62 :-62
  • April Mystery Door Challenge - Door 4
    Thank you so much Grace!!!! :-36 :-36
  • Happy Easter - Egg
    Oh My Goodness! Grace, this is just adorable!!! Congratulations on FFPI and GSO! 🐰🐰🐰
  • Headdress challenge april 2020
    Great headdress! COngratulations on Gallery Eye Catcher! so well deserved.
  • MoodBoard-Apr.jpg
    Fantastic creative page Evelyn! Congratulations on Gallery Eye Catcher!
  • Happy Easter - Egg
    Gorgeous Easter egg page Grace! Like many here, love the cute bunny and the clustering! Perfect kit for this! Congratulations on GSO and FFPI!
  • breathe-deeply
    Fabulous soft page! Love the quote

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