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  • 52 weeks week 2 B 1.jpg
    Beautiful photo of you both love the B/W the masking the clusters and the word art.xxx
  • progressive challenge-3.jpg
    This is coming together soooo beautifully love the masking and the images Micheline for step three.xxx
  • Butterflies winter
    Beautiful page Micheline love the painting effect the watercolours the blending and the design
  • winter mist.jpg
    Gorgeous page love the sketched effect the soft colours the blending and the clusters.xxx
  • serenity-spa
    Gorgeous page love the extraction with the image the clusters and the word art.xxx
  • serenity-spa
    Beautiful image and clusters love the word art.xxx
  • SherryD_prog_3w.jpg
    Beautiful step three Sherry.xxx
  • winter wish
    Gorgeous page love the images and the paper shapes.xxx
  • PS-step-3.jpg
    Beautiful step three.xxx
  • Mask challenge from Anita
    Beautiful masked image and blending Lella.xxx
  • Rosies Designs-Crystalline Realm - image by unsplash.jpg
    Beautiful page love the framed image and the background.xxx
  • Baseball......
    Stunning page love the images and the effects.xxx
  • To The Moon & Back
    Beautiful photos and design love the blending the clusters the stacked papers and the word art.xxx
  • PS January 2020 step 3
    Beautiful step three Yvonne.xxx
  • Mood Board.....
    Gorgeous page love the effects Anita.xxx
  • The-view..
    Gorgeous page love the image and the word link congratulations on featured page today.xxx
  • Pop up Word Link
    Gorgeous page love the colours the blending and the word link.xxx
  • The-view..
    What a beautiful scene! Congrats on FP today!
  • The-view..
    Congratulations Debbie! 18th January, 2020.
  • I love My Life.
    Thank you again Grace for the GSO you make my day so much brighter.xxx

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