cBull March

cBull March

Anita...52 Filerforge made papers; Images: Library of Congress, Tour de France wikpedia

Ooh what happened to her? Did they kill her off.....you can’t leave us hanging lol and I was totally ignorant to the fact that women are actually banned from competing....you just poodle along simply accepting without question that all of the competitors are men...until somebody points it out and you think wow that’s not right??

Great page Evelyn, love the font and great blending.

Fantastic story Evelyn woman should be allowed to race why is it just men ....Molly made a statement and will go down in History in my books there should be more woman like her gorgeous page.xxx

Such an interesting page, I had no Idea that women were banned from this race. What an amazing woman for standing up for her rights. To me, she is a winner. A brilliant page and amazing photo.

You learn something every day! I didn't know either that women were banned from this race. Great story and great page Evelyn...

Love your story! It makes me mad that women aren't allowed to participate, I didn't know that. Great blending and page!

How silly of us not to know though , when you think about it, every time they drive the dratted thing , and get their yellow jersy's or what ever, we should have realized it was only men.

My theory is ,that we didn't notice, because it is a lame thing to do in the first place, and no woman,need to fill her self with streroids, just to prove she can bike a few miles, and go up a moutain or two, without getting totally winded !

Oh did I say I love your page !

Great page and story, Evelyn. At leat Molly knew deep down inside that she was the real winner xxx

Evelyn, your story is wonderful. Molly would be glad to know that there is NOW a tour for women only as the Tour de France has always banned women, so the women formed theri own group. They should be racing this year!

I love how your mind works..........this story is a PEACH! xo

What a brilliant story Evelyn! I daresay it won't be long before the 'all male race' rule will come under scrutiny...other sports are having their issues! x

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