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fall in Italy

fall in Italy

Dutchdreams Designs ... Pretty in Purple
Anita's Frames
photos are of me lol
Most of you know about my fall in Italy 2 days before we came home from our holiday while we were out walking I made the page so that you can see I am still around though finding it a bit awkward as I am left handed and commenting with my right hand is slow so please excuse the short comments for now....I think the worst part was trying to get to my seat on the plane we were on row 17 no one gave up their seats at the time I had no boot on my right fractured leg so it was a struggle and very painful lucky they had a chair for me to get from the isle to the airport when we landed in Manchester... I have a fractured left shoulder which is in a sling a fractured left arm in a plaster I even got to choose the colour which is purple my fav lol...I go back at the end of July to the hospital for more xrays hopefully keeping fingers crossed by then I will be healing...
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I am so sorry Mary. Hope things are healing up and you are not in too much pain. Wonderful page xxx
I know I've already seen this photos but love that the page matches your sling/plastercast. Love your new head and pleased you can still laugh after all that happened xx
I agree with Barb.........your sense of humor comes through on this!!!!!!!!! And is there any place you AREN'T bandaged? haaaaaaaaaa :eek::oops::ROFLMAO:
Mary, nasty fall with many injuries. I'm amazed that you're making comments and creating layouts with your non-dominant hand and I know that you are a strong and positive person! Love all the purple and the wordart on your fabulous page.
Your page is Fabulous Mary and you are courageous to make pages and to be humorist despite all your injuries! Congratulations on Gallery Eye Catcher Mary!
Oh my goodness Mary....how on earth are you still sane let alone still scrapping lol....you're a star for sure, I'm pretty sure I'd just be biting & sniping at everybody feeling sorry for myself. Great page, ouch, ouch & ouch at the images (the colours definitely match your bruises) but huge congratulations for the Gallery Eye Catcher xx

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