JOURNALING: My daughter Millie loves to play dress-up. With so many boxes of Grandma Phoebe’s things in the attic, I knew there would be a lot of old clothes to fuel her creativity and curiosity. We found this old gingham checked dress in one of the boxes. Folded up with the dress was this old photograph of Phoebe wearing the dress apparently to play tennis. Scrawled on the back in what appeared to be a child's hand was: "Your new tennis dress is outasight!" Then there was a heart shape and it was signed "Hotch." That reminded me of one of Grandma Phoebe’s “tall tales”. She told us as a kid in California, she played tennis with Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman who would go on to become a US, Wimbledon, and Olympic champion and founder of the Wightman Cup, an annual team competition for British and American women. I chalked this up to one of Phoebe’s “Fantastic Fables” until my daughter asked….

CREDITS: "TALE" based on idea from KAPOH; PHOTO - from Graphics Fairy provided for challenge; TENNIS COURT - Clipart Library; GIRL created by me using - "A Healthier Me", "Bookworm", & "Fabulous Fifties", Boomers Girl Designs; "Buttermilk Hill", Becca Bonneville; "Carys", Rebecca McMeen; KITS - “The Farmer Says", Kristin Stewart; "Calm", Southern Creek Designs; FONTS – Arial, Mariah
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LOL! LOVE the story and "Millie" is SO CUTE! Great question - why IS HH on those tennis balls?
Well you just never know the minute. Of course Phoebe played tennis with a Wimbledon winner, even if she was only 7 ! Love your page.
I always love your stories and this had me giggling all the way through it I love the photo of the doll and the images of the cock and the bull … your story is truly amazing you have a very creative
I love your page, but I couldn't read your story. It's my eyes and my loss from the other comments! :(

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