Feeding the Giraffes
Angela Toucan

Feeding the Giraffes

Created for a technique challenge at the Lilypad (MOC day 13) to create shaker boxes.
Plastic Sheets by Alison Pennington. Provided free for the challenge.
See This Album No. 3 by Lynn Grieveson
BYOC Sept 2017 - Quiet Life kit by Lynn Grieveson.
Animal shapes from BYOC Sept 2017 - At the Zoo Elements by Paula Kesselring.
Sequins and blue flower from BYOC Sept 2017 - Life in Pieces elements by One Little Bird.
Glitter from Sprinkles Foundation by Valorie Wibbens
Font: Rebecca's Printing.
Angela, beautiful photos and beautiful shaker boxes on your gorgeous page! It must have been time-consuming to create the shaker boxes.
Love the little cutout circles with the flowers in them. Are they the shaker boxes? I have never heard of them before.
yes, those are the shaker boxes. In paper crafting they are made of a plastic shape in a frame and there is foam all around the edge lifting it from the lower paper. Then small objects are inside the "box" it creates. Shaking the project moves the little objects about inside the box.

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