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Manu Design Studio Meshes 2
Manu Design Studio Lacy Overlays: Worn Overlays (retired)
Manu Design Studio Smell The Sea
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Absolutely amazing Layout, Kythe - So gorgeous in every way !
Congratulations on the so well deserved GSO, Kythe ! :-61 :-62:-k
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Absolutely gorgeous, another I was waiting to see the last step, this page is awesome, congratulations in a very well deserving GSO, and thanks so much for joining the
This so gorgeous for your final step Karen I loved all the steps you made when you added the lace I was even more excited to see what came next your final step with the word title and how you made it look like the water is spilling out from the photo made it for me then it was either this one for the GSO or your style challenge which I also loved and being as this one had already been given a GSO I was lucky to find your style challenge had not so I grabbed it well done your page is superb congratulations on your GSO'
Kythe, I knew your page would be amazing! Congratulations on GSO for one fabulous page! :-1 :-1 :-1
Love how the water is running out of the photo! Love the lacy pieces and the colors here!
Karen, congrats on the GSO for your gorgeous final page for this month's progressive scrap!
Awe you people are so sweet! I was wishing I could be on a beach somewhere. This was as close as I can get. Thanks so much for the kind words.
Karen, congrats on the Chocolate Box Selection and the Featured Page for September 25!

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