Gi'me,Gi'me arrows.jpg

Gi'me,Gi'me arrows.jpg

Thank you Nemia for the challenge. This old Scottish rhyme popped into
my head and stayed there. There is not room for the rest of it on the page. It is very funny if the right person recites it:D
arra = arrow
sparra = sparrow
barra = barrow
Elements etc from various places.
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I like your page a lot,and tried to read it with a proper Scottish accent, in my head I could. LOL
Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge,and having fun with me and arrows this month.
Jane, the Scottish rhyme is beautifully illustrated with the arrows and scene on your wonderful page!
I love that old rhyme it had me in stitches with the boy with his arra aiming for the sparra and hitting the man with his barra it is a real fun

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