jPA Universal Dame 8 of 9
"Up rose the merry Sphinx
And crouched in stone no more;
She melted into purple cloud,
She silvered in the moon,
She spired into yellow flame,
She flowered in blossoms red;
She flowed into foaming wave,
She stood Monadnoc's head.
Through a thousand voices
Spoke the Universal Dame;
Who telleth one of my meanings
Is master of all I am."

OK - I totally have to admit that I struggled WHOLLY with Monadnoc's head... did a bit of research that didn't yield much light...
So I created this surreal sort of world where our Dame is trying to balance on her new world & truth, but as if she's still in contemplation & creation.

I created a series of 9 ATC's inspired by the last stanza of Emerson's poem to illustrate the metamorphosis I've gone through during such a very difficult time - a way to help me see the hope in my struggles, the beauty in my brokenness and to rest in the faith that I would rise from this too.

©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson
Created using Finecrafted Designs' "Inner Voice" and Cryztal Rain's "5x7 edges".
I'll post 3 pages per day for 3 days. This is 8 of 9.
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