January 6, 2021
Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety Three
That is how many U.S. souls died from the Covid-19 virus on this day. Scared & Alone. Away from their loved ones. The highest one day total in the U.S. since the pandemic began. We have become so inured to the daily deaths, that we barely take notice, many still denying that the virus is real, let alone what should be done to manage the situation. Instead, we watched another horror play out in our nation’s capitol. But, for 3,793 families this day will forever be marked by the loss of the one they love.

I'm still absolutely shaken by January 6, 2021. I'm heartbroken.

©justPattyAnne aka ©PattyAnneHenderson
Created using Holliewood Studios & Songbirdy's "Dystopia" collabs.
:cry: I lost my parents to it last year. so i know it is real. It is like the media doesnt even care about these deaths anymore. This page is amazing.Hits the spot. like apunch to your chest! great page
Your page is extremely moving and your image shows the intensity of the pain that thousands, upon thousands of families are feeling and going through. It's difficult to absorb the horror of it all. Great page xxx
This is so very moving and makes me sad to know that so many have died from the Covid I hope with all my heart that the vaccine will help others and keep us all safe ...I am so sorry for those that

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