jPA_Exquisite Pain
This Exquisite Pain was born out of loving him and then losing him. We got our 'Happily Ever After', it just didn't last nearly as long as we had hoped. The love and relationships don't end when a life ends. They live on and will always be a part of me and my life. So, this exquisite pain is a precious thing, born in loss but made out of all this love that I still feel as deeply as ever. It has been nearly 10 years, the pain isn't as sharp and acute as it once was. I don't have to remind myself to breathe anymore. The pain is now like a melancholic friend that is a conduit between then and now. It is sad, warm and familiar. It is both wistful and wishful. So you see, I am thankful for this exquisite pain because I am grateful for all of our time, our love, our laughter, our experiences, our hopes and dreams. I am grateful that he graced my life with his and that a measure of his soul will forever be entwined with my own. This exquisite pain still spills over hot molten tears, a true sign that this love still burns inside.

Created using:
Studio Basic Designs' "Silent Battles - Grief", "Silent Battles - Stress", "Silent Battles - Negative Thoughts", "Note to Self - Too Heavy to Hold", "Note to Self - Your Feelings are Valid", "T is for Together", "A Story to Tell", "About a Girl", "Grow Through It", "Artsy Touch - Oct 31", "Studio Favorites - Basic Stuff", "Too Many Tabs", "Unspoken Words", "Urban City", "Life is Feeling Blue".
Flergs' "Into the City", "Vintage Farmhouse".
Ponytails Designs' "Free Spirit".
Simple Pleasures Designs' "All the Little Things".
The Nifty Pixel's "Remember Them".
Wendy P Designs' "Dance Mode On", "Times of Sorrow".
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