jPA_One in a Universe!
Do you realize the millennia of events that had to pass for you to come into existence? You come from stardust and you share the same make-up as the cosmos, in all its infinite glory. Don’t you find that magnificent? You are more than one in a billion -

You are one in a universe!

In all of time and all of space there has never been and never will again be another you! You are truly unique, You have your own talents and ways of seeing and exploring this life & this universe.

You are freaking exalted!!

If you doubt this, if you doubt your own infinite nature, then it is time for you to do some inner soul-cleaning. Whether these beliefs come from your family or society or your own fears and inner demons, it is time to sweep them to the curb! It is time to step into your own personal power! Own It!

Be the Miracle that you are!

The universe needs you!

Created using NBK-Design's "Space Night". Template by NBK-Design.Art & Photo ©Patty Anne Henderson.
28th March, 2020.

Beautiful colourful page and beautiful words - congratulations for the Gallery Eye Catcher!

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