July challenge - Hands

July challenge - Hands

This is the most meaningful photo of hands to me.
I was clasping my husband's hand on his last day of life.
My daughter snapped this photo and I have this wonderful memory of saying goodbye to him.
It has been 2 1/2 years yesterday but I can still feel his hand in mine when I look at this photo.
Used I Want to Hold You Hand by Lara's Digi World designs
Beautiful photo of you holding your Husbands hand this must be comforting for you Kay as every time you see it you will have the memory of saying goodbye to a wonderful man those memories will never be taken from you.xxx
OMG! Kay, this just made me cry...I am literally crying, this is so gorgeous, such a beautiful, meaningful, real, and authentic page. This is such a great memory honor you did to your hubby and to yourself, the page is kind, romantic and exquisite, it is going right to GSO. Congratulations and thanks so much for joining the challenge. JA5 JA5 JA5 :-36
Kay such an emotional and heartfelt page - that photo and that memory is so precious and will remain with you forever and like Karen, I'm sitting here crying (reminds me of my dad).
The photo the delicate design of your page, gorgeous cluster and those beautiful words.....Congratulations for the GSO!

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