July Cook and Bull

July Cook and Bull

For the Records by Anna Aspnes Designs
Multimedia Documents No2 by Anna Aspnes
photo 1 (framed): Rigs Arkivet Danmark
photo 2 (steamer): Public Domain
It is a good story, and I am happy that it had a good ending. I don't know why you don't like stories or journaling, because yo do it well. Thanks for taking part in the challenge.
Thanks Vivi! I don't like it because I can't "talk about how my beak grew". This is a google translation and I have no idea if it is common. When I see an image, the first thoughts are in my native language and with translations, the idea I originally had, went lost, even from Swiss German in "good" German.
This is a fantastic story Ursula you did great love the image of the big liner the blending and the stitches which is a brilliant addition to the Ladies doing there sewing.xxx

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