Look what I made

Look what I made

  • Poppy
Lol having been at home for so long and missing our Christmas Vacation I have been doing a bit of cooking...I made some Christmas Pin Wheels last week and today I made some Sausage Rolls which we both had 2 each for our lunch and very nice they were ...
The photos came in handy for a challenge on Oscraps.
Oscraps Collab kit. Foodie.
photos mine.
  • Love
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Ooh Mary they look so delicious, well done you .....you've inspired me, I'm going to make something tomorrow and think I'll make the sausage rolls as well. My mum used to make everything from scratch, even the pastry. I can remember her always baking something when we were growing up, such lovely memories and I need to give my kids and grandchildren those memories as well (y) (y)
Beautiful recipe LO, love the elements xx

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