May.kakleidesigns  Template Challenge

May.kakleidesigns Template Challenge

Thank you for the free template and the challenge Karen.
kakleidesigns Free Template.
Kakleidesigns Bloom and Breeze.
kakleidesigns. Free Collage Papers.
2W. Water Colour Papers.
Anna Aspnes Designs. Artplay Scholarly.
D.T. Celebrations.
Photos are mine.
Gorgeous page Mary! Love the beautiful photos with your splendid granddaughter, the colors, artsy bits, journaling and title.
Congratulations on GSO!
I was coming to give you a GSO and Migueline beat me too it! Your page is wonderful and really celebrates your granddaughter! Go Bless her for donating her hair. I love the blue and red colors! Congratulations on GSO! :-c :-c :-c
Mary, congrats on the GSO! Love how you modified the template to highlight the gorgeous photos of Ella and love the beautiful artsy bits and wonderful journaling on your gorgeous page!
:-61 :-61 :-47 this is my favorite page from you Mary, I am in big awe! What a gorgeous memory, the photos are amazing, your granddaughter Ella is a doll, I love the story, I love how you used the template, I love everything, I was coming straight to give you a big, fat GSO, but Migueline came first, so congrats on such gorgeous page, congrats on GSO and thanks so much for joining the challenge.JA5JA5JA5
Wow Mary, not just the photos are stunning. You used the template in a great way. So impressing that your GD donated her hair to make children with cancer feel better. Congratulations on your GSO !
Stunning Mary for both your LO and your granddaughter, she's gorgeous and bless her for having those beautiful locks taken off and donating them. Kirsty had her hair cut shorter at Christmas but she was just 1/2 inch too short to donate to the Little Princess Trust .... Anyway, back to your gorgeous LO and it is, the reds and blues really stand out, absolutely love your use of the template, great journalling...... congratulations for the well deserved GSO xx
Fabulous page Mary, and how awesome is Ella. What a beautiful and selfless thing to do. I love the way you've used the template. The photos are really lovely and I love the star above Ella. She deserves that so much. Congratulations on the GSO. ♥️ ♥️
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments about Ella she is one in a million she is kind gentle and beautiful when I was told she was going to donate her hair I cried my eyes out I was happy for the children that had suffered so much with cancer and lost their hair to the treatment, now she is 21 her hair has fully grown back she has three natural shades of blonde running through her hair they look like she has streaks in sometimes as if she has dyed it she does not dye her hair in the Summer the sun bleaches it for

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