November Big Photo Challenge

November Big Photo Challenge

FC Holden Ute
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Photos - Glyn
Translation for those who don't understand Australian slang. 'The FC Holden was a popular car made in 1958 - 1960. It's very old now and someone has planted yellow roses in the engine bay.'
Glyn, beautiful rusty vintage vehicle photos and interesting description on your wonderful page!
How cool they did that...of course too bad it wasn't restored to it's former glory but love the photo nevertheless.
Fabulous photo of the old FC. Love your 'translation' Love the fact that is has roses growing in it.
Wow - I just learned about Holdens on a YouTube Channel "The French Family Band". The dad, Stuie, had written a song about them. Your page is fantastic, Glyn, and love seeing the re-purposing. 💙
Stunning page Glyn! Love the beautiful photo of the rosty oldtimer with the roses, the word art and also for the translation :)
Thank you for taking part in the Big Photo

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