October template challenge

October template challenge

Dou Dou Design - Rainy Sunday
Template - Kakleadeisgns
Font Title - DrippyMcDrip
Font Journaling - Hobo Std
Photos - Glyn's
Not me. Great layout, great journaling. great photos. I like the way you framed the picture and the brush work behind it.
This is brilliant Glyn, love how you place the images to make it look so dangerous, and love those images but the text is amazing...it scares me and it makes me laugh so much, especially when you say: if they drop the window wiper....I wonder if they get paid as they should...because they put their lives in danger like that, stunning creation, thanks so much for joining the challenge.xxx
This is amazing I love how you used the template with the photos of those brave window cleaners the colours really pop straight into GSO for you.xxx
What perfect use of the template, love your journaling and yes, I wonder as well??? Your page is outstanding and very much deserves a GSO
Glyn, congrats on the GSO! Love the fabulous journaling and the fabulous photos and the page! I would not be a window washer on a high-rise building even if I was paid $1,000,000.00 a day!
Glyn, I love your unusual window washing page! You did an awesome job with the photos in the frames. The birds hanging was just too cute! Congratulations on GSO! :-62:-62:-62
Congratulations Glyn! 2nd October, 2020.

Congratulations on being chosen as the featured page.. Well deserved.
Great page Glyn - I saw a couple of these guys on a tall building close to our house today and was wondering some of the same things. Congratulations on October GSO and today's Featured Page. 🏆
Fab page and journalling Congratulations on feature page today and GSO. I read somewhere and I’m not sure which country it was but the window washers at a children’s hospital dressed up as clowns and entertained the children as they washed the windows ❤️

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