In a neighborhood near mine, I spotted this huge white heavy rubber arachnid sprawled over their lawn in front of other Halloween decorations, including a Black Widow Spider on the front of the house. I immediately thought of the ATC challenge this month with the subjects of Halloween or Fears. I decided I could combine the two, since I can't stand spiders. That's me on the ATC, with a BIG can of bug spray. I have one in each room of the house. The only way I feel safe! CREDITS: Clipart Library; PHOTOS: by me; KIT: "Sammy & Josh Halloween" by Stacy Carlson; FONT: Scared
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I am with you on the can't stand spiders urgh they scare me to death I have a spray can which lasts for 3 months and it works thank goodness it goes back to childhood I wont bore you with the details lol only that since then I have been terrified of them I do love your ATC the woman with the spray can I can relate to also you have my sympathies. xxx
What a great ATC! Spiders are okay as long as they're outside and minding their own business building spiderwebs. In the house or on me...that's another story! lol
So funny - love you with the bug spray lol - I was actually getting to a point of not minding spiders and could at least get them out of the house without killing them - until I got bitten, in my sleep, on my face..........now if I see one, especially in the bedroom, it has to be gone completely....squished and flushed is the only way.
Brilliant ATC, love it x
Adorable and such fun. I have same fears/dislike of spiders so can really identify with this. Wonderful work.

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