P52 Week 44 - R - Raccoons.jpg

P52 Week 44 - R - Raccoons.jpg

Thank you Rosie fror hosting the challenge!
is my spirit animal because
1. Dark circles around the eyes.
2. Stays up all night.
3. Eats junk food.
4. Cute
5. Chubby
6. Can be vicious
Image by Gruu from Pixabay raccoon in leaves
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay - raccoon in water
Image by Silvia Schenk from Pixabay raccoon in tree
Animal Tracks - Manu Scraps
Birds of a Feather - Ilonkas Designs
Springs Fanfair -Boolands Designs
Template by Tinci Designs
21st November, 2020.
21st November, 2020.
Oh My Goodness Robyn! You're timing is spot on perfect. You always surprise me and it it comes at the most needed times. Thank you so very much for the TBI! This has lifted me right up! Thank you sooo much again! :-16 :-16 :-16
Absolutely gorgeous pictures of my favourite little bandits. Thank you so much for taking part in Project 52 and congratulations on TBI xxxxx

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P52 Week 44 - R - Raccoons.jpg
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