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  • The land of hearts desire.
    What a fantastic design and really gorgeous page Mary xxx
  • Lady In Red
    Gorgeous picture and masking. Really beautiful page xxx
  • No Weeds
    What a really beautiful scene and layout. Love the placement of the window and shed. The flower cluster is gorgeous. A really wonderful page...
  • I believe in Mermaids.
    Gorgeous scene and mermaids. Love the dolphin. Really beautiful page xxx
  • Project 52 2019 Week 12 - Spring/Fall
    Fabulous pictures and beautiful layout xxx
  • p 52 - happy
    Beautiful picture and clustering. Really gorgeous page xxx
  • Dad and I
    Really beautiful photos and gorgeous layout and page xxx
  • p52-week 34 -sister.jpg
    Gorgeous framing and beautiful clustering. Really lovely page xxx
  • Peachy perfect
    Gorgeous image and treatment. Beautiful page xxx
  • I would like.....
    Beautiful picture and gorgeous page. Love the framing and colours. Your choice of elements is perfect for the layout. Thank you so much for...
  • Tapestry
    Fabulous design and gorgeous page xxxxx
  • PS Aug- Final.jpg
    Really beautiful final page. xxxxx
  • Bingo challenge
    Gorgeous dogs and fabulous framing. Really beautiful layout xxxxx
    Gorgeous picture and masking. Really beautiful page xxx
  • INKED chal.jpg
    Fabulous humoristic page Evelyn! It's you! Love, love! Congratulations on GSO!
  • Glorious Farewell To Summer
    Great page Grace! Fabulous work on clustering! Congratulations on GSO!
  • Good Life
    Fabulous page Jirina! Love the colors, photos and clustering!
  • Every picture tells a story.
    Fabulous page Mary! Love the blending and textures.
  • Lady In Red
    Very beautiful page in red!
  • The land of hearts desire.
    Very beautiful blending and layout Mary!

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