Pop up Fairy.jpg

Pop up Fairy.jpg

Well that was fun!
My fairy name is Fidget Quillglow

Fidget watches over the birds. She lives in rotting woodlands near poisonous toadstools. She can only be seen in the light of a full moon. She wears red with white spots, like toadstools and has lemon coloured butterfly wings.

Kits: DaisyTrail - Fairy Tales Autumn, Fairytale Forest, Fairytale woodland, Fantasy fairies, Owl Forest and CS Twilight Forest. KDK - Night Garden.

Font: Tempus Sans
Well, Anne (er, Fidget), your art page is adorable! You have many friends among the toadstools and ferns.......always someone to play with! LOVE the images you used to make this page so Fairy-like! :-b
Gorgeous fairy page Anne! Love the description of the fairy and the very charming scene. My God what a lot of elements to see. So sorry I can't give you a GSO for the moment, maybe tomorrow if anyone dit it.
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What a cute fairy and your scene for her is so lovely. Thankyou for taking up my challenge.
I love your new name Fidget knowing you Anne you will be very happy and content being this fairy...I can see the Owl which I know you have a wood carved one in your neck of the woods and I am sure you have lots of wildlife also ...Gorgeous page for the challenge. :-62
Wonderful page Anne and your fairy name reminded me of my childhood. I had a cat named Bridget and my dad used to say Bridget the Fidget the colonel of the nuts. Absolutely no idea where it came from or what it was all about lol. Congratulations on a well deserved GSO x
Anne, congrats on the GSO for your gorgeous and fabulous page! Adorable fairy and magical scene!

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