Drawing from Pixabay recolored. Funny thing about this. I was working on this while waiting word on a friend's husband who is in hospital with ischemic colon for tests. Had just heard they found holes in his esophagus causing internal bleeding. Was also waiting on call from my doctor's office about getting in to see him about some tenderness and pressure in left side of my chest. The call came in just as I finished. Doc is gone this week because his daughter is getting married. Nurse told me to go to ER for assessment. Oh joy! You know how ER visits go. I didn't think it was my heart, but maybe swollen spleen. Through workup over 5.5 hr period but I finally got some good news. Made me feel a little silly for going but good to hear no heart problem (although they tried to keep me overnight for stress test), no swollen spleen or other issues they could see on CAT scan without contrast (which I can't take because I've gone into anaphylactic shock from it in past). Treated it like muscular/skeletal problem, gave me fluids and Toradol for pain and sent me home. Next piece of good news came this morning when my friend texted to let me know they were able to "band" the esophagus holes, bleeding stopped and her hubby is now allowed food. Has surgeon appointment on 6/2. So maybe the wheel is going around to the good side now?
I couldn't agree more Sherry, times are hard these days, we all need some good the fun face with the brilliant word art. I am so pleased that your visit to the Hospital was reassured and that you are well and that your friend is having surgery soon ..Thank you for taking part in the
Sherry, bad times and good news--you have so much going on in your life. Agree with Mary's comments above--glad that your hospital visit went well and that your friend will have surgery soon. Beautiful recolored image and word art!

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