Not very creative but here it is.
Used a public domain photo of a civil war battle from the National Archives. Took a battered old photo of a young soldier who appears to be a Confederate and played with different options. Shown is the original, a slightly colored version (the eyes in original are very pale and probably a light blue or gray and look weird when colored), and then a half-tone version.
:-61 what an original page Sherry! I love the old photo of the soldier, amazing effects and composition, layering and creativity, truly original, thanks so much for joining the
Sherry, love your creative page--beautiful effects on the vintage photo of the soldier and beautiful background photo and page!
Well I think it's creative - brilliant background image which makes the unknown soldier even more interesting - I love the effects you've done on your original photo and great WA..... I love the mystery behind this - great page xx
Ditto what Pekarokiki said I think it is very creative also you did a brilliant job on the different effects ... the photo of the soldier looks so young back in those days it was not unusual for young boys to join up and give false info about their age... It's a mystery we will never

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