Snake - multiple frames challenge July

Snake - multiple frames challenge July

Thank you for this fun challenge Robyn.
As I visited the zoo last week with my daughter and she made this photo of the snake, we both remembered these words from the first Harry Potter book :)
Credits: HSA Berry and Spice
Wow what a fabulous image of the snake and his beautiful colour. Love the way you framed him him coming out of the box!
I don't like snakes but I love how you've presented this one. The desaturation except for what is in the frame looks fabulous, and much as I would prefer it wasn't getting out, the OOB is really good.
WOW brilliant multi frames on that Snake/quote I'm not a lover of snakes but this one looks fabulous on your page and layout
Brilliant framing and love how just the framed parts of the snake are coloured. Great OOB, love your LO x
A very creative page Truus! I love the colour of the snake inside the frames, and then the B & W outside of the frames. The snake's head coming out of the smaller frame looks really good! ❤️ Thank you for participating in this challenge.
Fabulous photo of the colorful snake. Love your framing and the way his head is coming out of the smaller frame.
Such a colorful snake and an amazing page! Love the head coming out and the multiple framing!

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