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Journaling reads: On August 18th I woke around 5:00 to the bedroom spinning and my eyes not able to stop moving. I couldn’t get out of bed, so just laid there testing my eyesight every few minutes. After a couple of hours I finally woke Steve and asked him to call 911. I knew I wasn’t able to get out of bed; it felt like the absolute worst night of drinking I’d ever had. After being transported to the hospital, they put me through a series of tests and decided to keep me overnight since they weren’t able to come up with a clear diagnosis. I was unable to open my eyes for the entire day due to Nystagmus and the intensity of the overhead lights. I kept a washcloth over them to subdue the intensity of the light on my eyelids. They finally gave me medication around 4:00 that afternoon after they were able to rule out any serious brain injury. By 2:00 a.m. the next day, I could finally open my eyes, but still couldn’t focus on anything due to the Nystagmus. By 1:00 the next day, after seeing a Physical Therapist, they diagnosed Vestibular Neuritis, which just means a virus of my Vestibular Nerve. There’s no explanation as to what caused it since I hadn’t been sick. I worked really hard to get released that afternoon since I got no rest the night before. I was so happy to get home and start my recovery, although I was very scared that maybe this would be the new “norm”. I couldn’t motor around the house on my own; I had to use a walker and Steve had to help me up and down the stairs. I couldn’t shower alone, I couldn’t read, I couldn’t watch t.v., I couldn’t use my computer. My only option was to listen to books for the first week. I couldn’t have company because I couldn’t move my eyes to have a conversation. I started seeing an acupuncturist and with treatment and time, I was finally able to recover after three weeks. So glad to put that chapter to bed.
Gorgeous page Beth, beautiful clustering and good work on blur photo to fit with your bad nightmare. Sorry that you have to live these bad times, but fortunately you're ok now.
Congratulations Beth. 15th January, 2023.

Beth, congrats on Gallery Eye Catcher! So sorry to read about the scary and terrifying time you had and glad that you recovered after three weeks and that you are well now. Beautiful blurred double exposure photo and beautiful clusters, artsy bits and word art and journaling.
Beth,congratulations on Gallery Eye Catchers,so sorry you were ill for 3 weeks,not knowing what was happening must have been so frightening...thankfully you have recovered now and can get back to your normal routine. xxx
Beth, Congratulations on the Gallery Eye Catcher for
your impressing page and journaling !
It is awfull what you´ve to go through in this three
weeks. (Rotary vertigo scares me very much !) So glad you
are back on your feet again to be with us.
Nightmare. What a worry when they cant come up with the cause for you. Thank you for a sad but inspiring page, keep well.
What a fantastic page, Beth, telling of your horrible plight. You illustrated this so well. I am so happy that you recovered fully. Congratulations on well-deserved Gallery Eye Catcher. JA6
Wonderful page highlighting what these conditions feel like. I also suffer from inner ear and vestibular-ocular issues. Some years vertigo happens frequently and other years not at all. Hopefully your problems will not reoccur.
Gorgeous page Beth! So sorry to read about your illnes. Glad to read that you are well now :-a

Congratulations on well-deserved Gallery Eye Catcher :-1

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