Template Challenge February - Pinnawala

Template Challenge February - Pinnawala

Template - Kakleidesigns for the challenge
The Lakeside, Rose Sombre, Calico, Frothy Cream - Anita’s Designs
Photos my own

These photos are actually bitter sweet - we enjoyed it so much at the elephant orphanage and then the ride but, after the ride our elephant was chained up and was just rocking from side to side - I questioned it and was told he’s fine. I so wish I’d read up on these things before we went because I’ve now learned that the rocking or swaying is a sign of anxiety and loneliness and, I’ve also read so many bad things about the treatment at the Orphanage. I’ve used these photos because it was a family holiday and at the time it was a happy memory but it’s also a reminder of what we shouldn’t have done!!!
Beautiful page and eefects love the OOB and the phot treatment.....
It is heartbreaking what you said about the poor elephant rocking from side to side it is a bad sign I wish these people would understand the cruelty they are causing ...you were not to know Karen.xxx

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