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  • May Big Photo
    Love the way you combined the real rocks with the other ones. Great wordart
  • games night-may.jpg
    Fantastic background with all the casino elements. Love how they blend together.
  • May Big Photo
    Barb, love the adorable big photo and the fun words on your gorgeous page!
  • Effervescece
    Love the gorgeous photo and the gorgeous clusters and page!
  • Coffee
    Eva, love the beautiful effects on the torn photo and the beautiful clusters and coffee stains and word art on your gorgeous page. Thank you for...
  • Salmon 2021.jpg
    Marie-Christine, love the adorable and beautiful scene and page!
  • big photo may
    Evelyn, love the beautiful big photo and framing and page!
  • Sy'ra-web.jpg
    Love the wonderful and beautiful big photo!
  • Mystery Door 3
    Love the gorgeous colors and the gorgeous columns and page!
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme Buttons
    Wendy, so many buttons on your wonderful and gorgeous page!
  • MAY GI'ME Gi'ME Challenge
    Glyn, love the wonderful vintage photo and all the beautiful buttons on your fun and gorgeous page!
  • One Two Button My Shoe
    Robyn, love the gorgeous button decorated shoes and the placement of the gorgeous buttons and word art and page!
  • Kakleid-progmay-step2.jpg
    Karen, love the gorgeous Step 2 page!
  • Effervescence
    Norma, love the gorgeous clusters and the masked image and page!
  • Be Positive
    Norma, beautiful framing and image and beautiful clusters and word art!
  • Tech'n'Frame
    Love the wonderful and gorgeous page!
  • Brighten Up......
    Anita, beautiful image and effects and beautiful cluster and blending and textures!
  • Bloom
    Mary, love the gorgeous layering and clusters and word art!
  • Life is sweet
    Karen, congrats on the GSO for your gorgeous page!
  • Always face the sun
    Mary, love the gorgeous art doll and the gorgeous clusters and scene and word art and page! Congrats...

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