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  • April Big Photo challenge
    Gorgeous page Lidia! Love the sweet girl!♥♥♥

    Thank you for taking part in the Big Photo
  • my April 2024 Big photo Spring Sheep.jpg
    Gorgeous page! Love your spring sheep!♥♥♥

    Thank you for taking part in the Big Photo
  • Big Photo Challenge
    Stunning page Helga! Love the scene you created and the word art!♥♥♥

    Thank you for taking part in the Big Photo
  • ATC Challenge.jpg
    Congratulations Karen! POTD April 24th.
    Oh wow! thanks
  • ATC Challenge.jpg
    LOVE B&W ... congrats Karen ♥
  • Farmland
    Oh this is lovely
  • Hidden in Plain Sight challenge (cat) Apr 2024
    Brilliant challenge page, I think the cat must be in the pages of the book or in the basket in the sky lol
  • April Shape-up Challenge
    This is so cute and makes me smile. Love how you used the shapes.
  • Step5.jpg
    Awesome final step with the additions and the word art.Ev...Congrats on GSO.xx
    OHmyGOSH, PoPpY ... what a total surprise hun & thank you so very much ♥
  • Progressive 5.jpg
    Congratulations on well deserved GSO.xx
  • April Finish the Sentence
    Barbara,love the cute little girl with the stunning clustering and the finished sentence. Thank you for taking part in the challenge..Congratulations on well deserved GSO.xx
  • Farmland
    Awesome farm scene Karen.xx
  • Rewarding
    Love the beautiful scene with the girl,the lamb,the awesome textures and effects.xx
  • A Farmer
    Karen,love the beautiful farm scene with the pretty girl and all the artsy bits. Xx
  • Farmland
    Love the cute farm scene with the girls,the horse and the pig.xx
  • Beautiful life
    Ria,love how you framed the little girl with the paper,the background is brilliant with all the artsy bits.xx
  • Down on the Farm
    Love the beautiful farm scene Norma.xx
  • April Final Step.jpg
    Stunning final page Karen, I loved all the steps...Congratulations on well deserved GSO.xx
  • Step4.jpg
    Beautiful step four Ev.Xx
  • April mini kit challenge
    Love the beautiful woman with the framing,the stacked papers, the artsy bits, clusters and word strips.xx

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