Valentine's Day - Day 2
Cath Voisin

Valentine's Day - Day 2

Created with 3 pictures offered by ROBYN and "HeavenBodies" ex-MCC
A really beautiful Valentines page, Catherine !
Love the adorable girl with the heart balloons, the blendz,
the heart symbol with a crown, the small Amor and the sea
of Flowers.
Your page is lovely Cath and given the language difference, I appreciate that you have completed a page for this challenge; so thank you for your patience and participation. ❤️ ❤️
Cath, love the beautiful extracted girl, Cupid, hearts, clusters, artsy bits and word art on your gorgeous page!
Thanks Robyn! Thanks to all ! You are adorable and very encouraging! I hope I can continue because the challenge is pleasant (once you understand it! lol). :-f
Beautiful Valentine page, love the cute girl,the hearts,Cupid,artsy bits, superb extractions and the word art.xx

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