Wonderland Book
I've been learning how to use the "Live Mesh Warp Filter" in Affinity Photo 2. I created mesh warp filters on top of the blank pages. Then I dropped 2 fantasy art pages onto the filtered spots and they instantly warped into the book pages. I resized the righthand image after adding it and moved it around - the live updating works brilliantly.

Writer's Muse by Lynne Anzelc @ OScraps
2 fantasy pages created by my youngest using Wonderland by Lynne Anzelc
Angela, Wonderland Book is amazing and fantastic! Thank you for sharing how you used the Live Mesh Warp Filter in Affinity Photo 2.
Beautiful page, love the creative design and how you used the Live Mesh Warp Filter tfs..xxx
Fabulous job on your stunning Wonderland page, Angela. Fantastic how you have adapted working with Affinity and
what you are able to create.

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