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    Question about PSE styles

    what are you running Savi, I am using an older version Vista from 2008 I think with Windows 7. Not sure if that matters or not, but all I do when my PSE6 is open, is double click and boom. I wish I could give you an answer as to why it doesn't work for you. Anne Marie, I too am a style a holic...
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    Question about PSE styles

    wow Anne Marie, that looks extremely complicated, and scary. So easy to make mistakes when messing with program folders. Are you sure there is not an easier way for her to load them. Like I said, I personally have no problem just double clicking the ASL file in my folders. and it simply loads...
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    Question about PSE styles

    This is how I have always created and made styles for sale etc. I only have PSE 6, so creating an ASL file does not seem to be an option. I do think the strips as you call them, are compatable to use with almost all versions. I actually create elements tho, and include the elements with the...
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    New!! Lovely Tokens by Kakleidesigns

    I LOVE these colors!
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    New Journal and Scrapbooking Kits

    I have not yet uploaded the newest kits to my personal store yet, but have reopened and added new junk journal kits, and scrapbooking kits and papers to my Etsy Shop and my Crafts Shop Just a few examples: Thanks for looking
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    I have several freebies if you want em ;)

    There is a new Halloween freebie on my Blogger Blog TO THE BLOG!
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    Question about PSE styles

    Hello LAdies, I have PSE 6, and have no trouble loading most styles. I know there are some that might not work if they were made in the very newest versions, but I have at least 1000 asl files in my pc, that all I have to do is double click on, and they load. You should have PSE 6 loaded first...
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    Karen's July Mini kit challenge

    Thank you beautiful
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    Comment by 'AHDesign' in media 'Pure Serenity.jpg'

    Beautiful images Rosie
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    Comment by 'AHDesign' in media 'Bountiful Brazil Mini Challenge'

    thank you all, loved doing it
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    Rosie's July Minikit Challenge

    Here is my take on this lovely mini. I did not need to use anything more, you provided enough <3
  12. Bountiful Brazil Mini Challenge

    Bountiful Brazil Mini Challenge

    July Bountiful Brazil Mini Challenge