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    CHALLENGES November Big Photo Challenge

    here is my page, i am back( not in full force)
  2. November Big Picture challenge.jpg

    November Big Picture challenge.jpg

    here's my page for the challenge, its a self portrait of what I am suffering right now due to all the things that happened to me in the last 2 years, i used the Falling For You Collab by the Oscrap Designers
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    My appointment with the specialist

    oh Poppy!! I am so sorry. I hope everything goes well! love you sweetheart. you are one tough cookie!!
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    Hi Ladies!

    I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you all. I was in the hospital for 5 days, i just got out today. I made myself sick worrying about everything. having a rough time without my hubby. my sugar was really high and my electrolytes were super low and i was dehydrated. when they say stress...
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    CHALLENGES May Font Challenge

    i am going to be late posting the challenge this month. so much going on right now..
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    Comment by 'Carmen R' in media 'April Font Challenge with a Twist'

    beautiful page Karen! Love the pretty photos and their treatment, the clusterd elements ans the use of the fonts
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    Comment by 'Carmen R' in media 'April Challenge With A Twist - Eggs'

    Deloris!!! I knew this was your page without even looking at the name.. love the vertical design, all the eggs, the cutte Bunny and the other elements. great use of the fonts too
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    CHALLENGES Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge

    Here is my page, thanks for the beautiful minikit Rosie
  9. April-Minikit-Challenge.jpg


    I used Rosie's Rejuvenescence minikit. the photo is from pexels and is altered in PS.
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    Comment by 'Carmen R' in media 'April Rosie's Mini Kit challenge.jpg'

    that photo is gorgeous! beautiful page design!
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    Here is my palette and my page
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    I love chickens!!!
  13. April-PYP-Palette


    photo is from pexels
  14. April PYP

    April PYP

    i used DayDream Designs Golden Kisses kit, and Synergy Ink In the Garden Journals Collection. the photo is from pexels