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    December 2022 Challenge Tracker.

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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'November Greeting Card'

    Beautiful card, Grace! I love Rebecca's art dolls, they are always fun to play with and this one is perfectly Christmassy, ready to go out and celebrate the Season! Love it!
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'Merry Christmas-Card.jpg'

    Thanks so much, Grace! Such a nice surprise, and greatly appreciated. JA5
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'Timber Pg 1'

    Oh, DeLoris, I can sympathize with you, something similar happened to me with a real tree... it had a crooked tree trunk, which we couldn't tell because it looked straight when we bought it. Got it all decorated, and the next day it finally decided that there was too much weight on one side and...
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'Nov Finish the Sentence'

    Wonderful page. Love the notebook, and art journaling, along with all the bits and pieces that make up the notebook. JA5
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'P 52 week 47 Soft.jpg'

    This is so adorable! Love the soft blue and the element placement. Beautiful page!
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    CHALLENGES November Greeting Card Challenge

    Here is my card for the Nov challenge:
  8. Merry Christmas-Card.jpg

    Merry Christmas-Card.jpg

    My Christmas card for the Nov Greeting Card Challenge. Credits: et designs: Happy Holidays Christmas Magic Dreaming of a White Chrismas
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'Mixn Match Chall Nov 2022'

    Beautiful page, Norma. Love the cluster work and the recoloring is perfect!
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'Sweet Dreams'

    This is just so sweet! Love the texture and that photo is too cute!
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'November Quote Challenge'

    Beautiful page! I just got both of those kits!
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    CHALLENGES November, Finish the Sentence plus one.

    Here is my page for the challenge.
  13. start-every-day.jpg


    My page for the Nov Finish the Sentence +1 Challenge. Credits: et design ~ Delicious Time and Autumn Vibes Carol W ~ November Fun Regina Falango ~ Au Bois Joli Image: Pixabay
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'HSA-let-your-heart-temp1.jpg'

    Beautiful page, love the clusters!
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    Comment by 'Chickie' in media 'Finish the Sentence Chall Nov 2022'

    Lovely page, Norma. The green is really striking and the message is perfect!