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    December Use-It-All Challenge
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    Featured Designer Challenge - Dagi's Temp-tations

    thanks, dagi for the awesome set of templates...I did a page
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    2016 October Scraplift Challenge

    great challenge, thank's my page
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    October Freebie in Action Challenge

    here's a page...I hope you make through to the end... I used a template from soco (coming 10.14)
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    September 2016 Quote Challenge Audrey Hepburn
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    September 2016 "Create A Page" Challenge
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    Use It All Challenge
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    August card challenge

    oh my, i am so sorry, obviously I did not read the instructions completely...I was so excited to see a card challenge. I'll do better next month. of course you are not mean, it was totally my fault, thanks for pointing it out so I can do this challenge correctly for september.
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    August card challenge
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    August It's Your Choice Challenge

    i completely understand your feelings about being so far from your daughters, my daughter has finally returned to the states after being stationed in Okinawa for 5 years. they are still an airplane ride away but at least they are now on the same continent. thank goodness for facetime.
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    August It's Your Choice Challenge

    wow, that's an adventure, bet you family is excited...and lucky you with the movers. That's the way to move for sure. I checked out your FB challenge and posted my page yesterday, here's the link to my page here at JustArt...
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    August It's Your Choice Challenge

    thanks jill, it's good to hear from you again...I've been around, usually at the lily-pad but I still post at gingerscraps also. I look forward to seeing next months challenge. i don't envy your move, i really dislike packing and unpacking. where are you going, new neighborhood or new state...
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    August It's Your Choice Challenge

    i used both the page blendit and the photo mask, thanks Jill for a lovely mini. And I just have to say how happy I am to scrap with your beautiful designs again, so happy I found JustArt. Do you have a challenge every month...
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    August Quote Challenge - Anne Geddes
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    hello from sunny california

    i just about to post my first 2 challenges, thanks so much for having me join in...