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    Poll - colour palette and name/theme for end of year members' kit

    Voted. Wonderful combinations of colors
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    Looking forward
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    Comment by 'jotte' in media 'clean-simple.jpg'

    wunderschön, wie du den zukünftigen Erdenbürger präsentierst, liebe Silvia!
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    Comment by 'jotte' in media 'Lass-uns-den-Sommer-etwas-länger-festhalten.jpg'

    Klasse hast du den Holunder in Szene gesetzt! Gefällt mir!
  5. Progr_sept19-step5.jpg


    Photo by jmk
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    September Progressive Scrap

    I want to say Thank you for this wonderful and interesting challenge, dear Zepper! My step 3 is upload
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    September Progressive Scrap

    Hello, I come a little bit later, so here are my Step1 and step2 Photo and paper are my own
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    Comment by 'jotte' in media 'ATC-2019-106-Heigh-Ho.jpg'

    you designed a wonderful picture. However, I am not sure if you are allowed to use the Disney images in your work. You probably do not have a license. They are copyrighted and you may risk a warning and have to pay.
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    July Card Sketch Challenge

    My trying: Card sketch by A-M Foto by jmk
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    Progressive Challenge May 2019

    late with my next steps, but last week, I wasn't able to continue, sorry here my step2 step3 step 4 tube by hoeffi (with permission) step 5 Thank you for this interesting challenge!
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    Progressive Challenge May 2019

    thank you for hosting this challenge. it looks very interesting!! Here is my step 1
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    Active Members Only Forum

    Thank you very much, dear Robin
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    Active Members Only Forum

    Would like access please. Thank you Robyn!!
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    Before And After Challenge

    Fantastic, how you designed the layout, Moni!
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    Progressive Scrap March

    my final step. https://gallery.justartscrapbooking.com/progressive-scrap/p55048-ps-march19-5.html Thank you for this interesting and wonderful challenge!