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  1. jPA_This Smile

    jPA_This Smile

    Her smile never dimmed or aged - always lighting up a room and brightening the moods of all who encountered her! Created using: Studio Basic Design's & Mommyish' Collab "Let Your Light Shine Collab". Studio Basic Designs, Simple Pleasure Designs & The Nifty Pixel Collab "A Beautiful Life - Free...
  2. jPA_our Angels

    jPA_our Angels

    One week since the phone call came with the awful news that we had lost you - all of you - that your plane had gone down in the mountains in Arkansas. We are still in the thicket of our grief and disbelief. I will come back here to tell everyone how beautiful you all are, how bright your lights...
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    Comment by 'justpattyanne' in media 'jPA_This Face'

    Oh My Gosh! How flipping exciting is this?!?! THANK YOU @cutiejo1 !!!! I'm positively thrilled and giddy and grinning from ear to ear. I truly am SO VERY APPRECIATIVE & HONORED!!!! Thank you!
  4. jPA_Think & Grow

    jPA_Think & Grow

    "What you think on - GrowS" Created using: LJS Designs' "A Spring Day - FWP" and "Flowers Add-On". Kristen Cronin-Barrow's "Blue Skies Ahead". Studio Basic & Micheline Lincoln Design Collab "Be Positive". Studio Basic's "A New Chapter Begins". Studio Basic & Creative Vision Collab "Negative...
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    OoOoOoOoOoOo... I want to play in this one! I'll be back HERE with my page!
  6. jPA_Outside the Box

    jPA_Outside the Box

    "Some people will only love you if you fit inside their box. ~don't be afraid to shove that box up their @$$~ Created using Holliewood Studios' "Modern Boho".
  7. jPA_This Face

    jPA_This Face

    "This face will always be the most beautiful face in the world to me. This face is an echo of the man we both love so very much, even now that he isn’t so immediately near. This face is a representation of his and my love and of all the hopes, dreams, potential, goodness and light we believe...
  8. jPA_let it go

    jPA_let it go

    A reminder to just breathe and let it all go. Created using: Studio Basic's "Free Your Mind", "4 Season", "If Things Were Different", "A New Chapter Begins", "A Case of the Blahs", "Be Whatever You Want To Be", "About a Boy", "About a Girl", "Grow Through It", "Studio Favorites - Stitches ii"...
  9. jPA_Dream Big

    jPA_Dream Big

    "Everyday, right before my eyes, I can see you blossoming into a woman. Your whole life is at your feet, you've only to believe and go for it. Dream Big, my girl. Dream Big!" Created using Studio Basic's "Daydreamer" Freebie and kit as well as Studio Basic's and Kristen Cronin-Barrow's Collab...
  10. jPA_DANCE in your Greatness

    jPA_DANCE in your Greatness

    Dance in your own Greatness! Created for an X composition challenge using: Studio Basic's "Courage Little One", Studio Basic & Rachel Jeffries Collabs "Silent Battles - Stress", "Trust the Journey - Thrive", Studio Basic & Kristen Cronin Barrow's Collabs "Note to Self: Over It", "Your Feelings...
  11. jPA_Pondering Prosperity

    jPA_Pondering Prosperity

    When I think of money where prosperity is concerned, I realize I am more affected negatively by the absence of money than I am affected positively by having more. I, of course, like the ease & spontaneity money offers and the generosity it affords. But when I am seriously in the hole, I am...
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    CHALLENGES April Challenge Tracker 2021

    My Spot! 1. Big Picture - "Golden Moments" 2.
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    CHALLENGES April Big Photo Challenge.

    Here's my "Golden Moments" - Thank you again, Mary! (and I'm keeping you in my prayers & positive thoughts for healing and pain relief!)
  14. jPA_Golden Moments

    jPA_Golden Moments

    The Golden Hour and that Golden Glow. Zoey being bathed in the setting sun on a Golden Day. aaaahhh... Life is SO Good! ~Caddo Lake - April 2020~ Created for Mary's 'Big Pic Challenge' Created using Studio Basic's "For the Record", "Four Seasons", "Artsy Touch of Spring", "Bright Sunshiney...
  15. jPA_Gery Luger Inspired

    jPA_Gery Luger Inspired

    This is inspired by the artwork of Gery Luger. Created using Anna Aspnes' "APP Harvest", "APP Wayfaring", "APP Wander", "APP Bask", "APP Baron Sunrise", "APP BBQ", "APP Brushes - Architectures 3", "Artsy Transfers - Christmas Nostalgia". Joanne Brisbois' "Photo Frames Vol.3". Photo from Pixabay...