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    I used all three of the provided paper dolls: JOURNALING: The Rainbow Quartet embark on their first World Tour Jamaica Cinnamon Effie and Princess CREDITS: KITS - "Around the World" by Britt-ish Designs; "Love My Dog" by Snickerdoodle Designs; "The World's a Rainbow...
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    This layout is for the Mix and Match Challenge: CREDITS: PHOTO: by Doryka841102 at Morguefile; KIT: "Mix & Match April" by Kakleidesigns;
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    This is an ATC. CREDITS: PHOTO: by Glenn from Pexels; SHOE: "My Spring Shoe" by Kakleidesigns; KIT: "Softly Spring" by Rosie's Designs; QUOTE: by Amanda Greenwood; FONTS: Arial; Cupid de Locke
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    LOL! Great story!!!
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    LOL. Wonderful page. Great combining of the two pics. LOVE the colorful (eye-catching) background paper. Congrats on "Featured Page!"
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    Here is my Cock N Bull layout (LOVE this challenge). As usual, my story contains a "little bit of fact; a whole lot of fiction." JOURNALING: Daddy? I never knew my father. All my Mama told my brother and me as we were growing up was that our dad died during WWII, shortly after I was born. She...
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    KAPOH-ATC-March 2021-Lucky-Dog.jpg

    A little late for the "holiday" but this ATC is for St. Patrick's Day. I found this sweet looking Irish Setter's picture on-line. CREDITS: PHOTO: by Ortrun Lenz from Pixabay; JOURNALING: Irish proverb; KITS: "Feelin' Lucky" by Aprilisa; "Lucky Gnomes" by Kimberly Stewart; FONT: Ohio Script
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    This is an ATC. QUOTE: TOP: “I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” BOTTOM: And the driveway markers for snow removal have been pulled up and put away! CREDITS: PILLOW: "Decorate a Pillow" by...