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    November Quote Challenge

    this is an ATC. I chose a quote I found when looking for inspiration for another challenge.
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    This is an ATC. I used a quote I found when looking for inspiration for another challenge. CREDITS: QUOTE: by Dean Jackson; KITS: "Line-Up Kids" at EduClips; "Nature Walk" by Dawn Inskip; FONT: Nothing You Could Do
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    November ATC challenge

    Looks like my Steampunk ATC at #18 and Barb's at #19 should get together!!! ;)
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    Comment by 'KAPOH' in media 'ATC-2020-155-U-S-of-A.jpg'

    Wonderful lyrics (don't know the song) and beautifully illustrated.
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    November ATC challenge

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    This ATC is for the "steampunk" ATC challenge. CREDITS: PHOTO: by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels; Pinterest; KITS: "Steampunk Laboratory" and "Steampunk Wonderland" by Rebecca McMeen; FONT: Magic School One


    This is an ATC. JOURNALING: "Undercover Boss" is an Emmy-winning reality TV series based on a British show of the same name. It first aired on CBS in Feb. 2010 and the 10th season premiered in October, 2020. A celebrity edition aired in 2018. Upper level managers of companies agree to go into...
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    Beautiful picture of our beautiful new Veterans' Memorial against the backdrop of our downtown skyline. And I LOVE the JFK quote.
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    Made me smile. Very cute! Now that song is playing around and around in my head!!!!!
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    "The A-Team" was an action/adventure show airing on NBC from 1983-1987. Created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo, 98 episodes were produced. The show was popular for its "cartoonish violence" and "formulaic episodes." The "A Team" were members of a fictitious Viet Nam era Special Forces...
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    JOURNALING: Wild Dogs There is a crazy story in my family's lore that one of our distant relatives was carried off by a Mabeco, or African Wild Dog, when that branch of the family was living in Zimbabwe. It used to come up every Thanksgiving when my big extended family would gather from...
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    What a cute little scene you've created. Love the doggie.